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Simple Ops tries to simplify web performance monitoring to begin with. It also monitors the uptime, downtime, speed. You can track these from different parts of the world which gives a good picture of how your website is performing. When your website does go down, you get alerts in 7 different channels, so you can immediately fix the issue and get your website up.

Simple Ops, simplifying Dev Ops.

My name is Hari Krishna. I made Simple Ops. I made this because I think a product like this needs to exist.

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Why Simple Ops?

While i was trying to measure performance for Visa List, i found all the solutions are either paid or just uptime monitoring, so i decided to build once for free with basic features of performance monitoring along with uptime checks. It turns out website performance monitoring is not so simple after all. It took me 3 months to do research and plan out the architecture to the last details, all the while working on Coronavirus tracker on And Simple Ops was born.
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