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Hotels uptime and performance status

Hotels Insights

Last updated: 1 hour ago

Health Metrics in last 24 hours
100 %
1.49 s
Response Time
0 s
Down time
Performance Metrics in last 24 hours
2.37 s
Speed Index
57 / 100
Perf. Score
83 / 100
SEO Score
25 / 100
PWA Score
98 / 100
Chrome UX Metrics
Information not available
Locations pinged 1 hour ago
SSL Certificate Details checked 1 hour ago
No certificate info found

Hotels is down? Current uptime and performance status in may 2023

Last updated: May 28, 2023

Hotels has uptime of 100 % with 0 incidents in the last 24 hours. The performance score is 57 along with speed index of 2.37 seconds. Hotels has SEO score of 83 and PWA score of 25. Hotels certificate and will expire in 19505 days. Realtime Performance and uptime status contains uptime monitoring metrics, performance monitoring, chrome ux metrics, global uptime and SSL certificate details.

Performance monitoring simplified
Global check
Chrome UX
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